What’s Happening in Norman?

As we've all heard, freshman running back Brandon Williams and a host of other Sooners players are asking for a transfer from the University of Oklahoma. Why? Williams used the excuse of having a baby in Houston and he needs to take care of it better. Why not go to Houston? Why Texas A&M? I know College Station is semi-close to Houston, but why not just go to Houston if you need your baby in your arms every night? As for the others, who really knows. I have some thoughts, though. Bare with me as I might get a little animated.

Has Stoops lost this group? I think partly, yes. I think these players are upset with the coaching staff. Here's my first example.

Justin McCay – 5 star rivals recuit – WR – 6'3" – 215 lbs. He's never played one snap as a sooner. Played in the Army All-American game out of high school. One of the most highly touted receivers in the country. Yet, not good enough to beat out playing time from "Pan Hands Miller"? I don't buy that. I think it's something more than that. Broyles went down. Jaz Reynolds went down. Why didn't the coaching staff play McCay? I don't get it. Sure, Kameel Jackson is going to make a very solid receiver for OU, but why not try McCay. His redshirt year is over. No sense in shelving him for a whole year again. At least let us see what he's got. 

Torrea Peterson – 4 star rivals recruit – DT. Has OU ever been this thin up front? JaMarkus MacFarland and Stacy McGee did well. No doubt. But why didn't OU get to see this beast most thought he would be? OU has been notorious over the years for swapping in and out defensive lineman. This year, the Sooners ran MacFarland and McGee into the dirt. Hardly any substitutions were made up front. It was baffling. Now, rumors speculate he's leaving as well.

These are just two examples of players leaving. Rumors are swirling that there are up to 15 players applying for a transfer, which would be a mind-boggling number. Also, Ronnell Lewis is most likely going to the NFL. Personally, I think he's super raw, but kudos to him for being able to take care of his family now. Some have speculated that he's never really been happy at OU. He could have been a monster at linebacker, but the coaches insisted he play at defensive end. Not sure what that was all about. 

There can be a million reasons why this is happening. My guess, "OU is full of a team of characters, not a team OF character" – Chris B. Callahan.

Stoops and the staff has always prided themselves with being a team of prestige, graciousness, gratitude, integrity and loyalty. I think this year was different. It seemed at the first of the season, the players were dedicating this season to their fallen teammate, Austin Box. I don't know if that kind of went away, or after their first loss to Tech, it kind of killed that mojo. It did seem this year that it was all about the name on the back of the jersey instead of the name on the front. Maybe OU should go back to the season of 2005 where all the name were taken off the back of the jerseys. Maybe I'm over thinking and maybe I'm not giving enough credit to the staff. There was just something missing from this season. The swagger left the team after OU/Texas completely. A 55-17 drubbing of your arch rival and you tank? I don't get it. I hope to get a lot of responses to this. Maybe someone can enlighten me on what exactly is going on in Norman. I can guarantee you this. If there's no changes made with the staff, players and overall persona, Oklahoma will never get to number 8 in our lifetime. 


Blake Mills

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3 thoughts on “What’s Happening in Norman?”

  1. I agree. I was also disapointed with coaching this year. Stoops knows his stuff. But, he needs better assistants around him. The on-field player management and play calling just did not inspire the talent they had to work with.

  2. I remember when Skip Bayless wanted to fire Bob Stoops after the Tech loss and a lot of people went “Skip, you’re nuts.” But in the games that followed, Tech could not be beat another team and OU’s effort fell like a rock in water. Sure, injuries attacked OU, but shouldn’t the depth that you’ve recruited over the years make up for that? All three of the losses this year contained things that made fans cry out for changes. Other top programs only get beat by other top teams. Upsets do happen, but they are generally on the road, against un-ranked teams, and players are looking forward to playing an arch-rival/championship game. Stoops is getting hounded about changes. Sometimes you just gotta take a good hard look in the mirror and do whats right for the program. It’s always painful in the beginning, but in the end you’re usually better off for it.

  3. Good article. This truly has been one of the more frustrating seasons ever and then to hear about all the transfers or even rumors of transfers is very disheartening. I do agree that Bob needs to take a page out of the Barry Switzer playbook and become more of the guy who holds everything together. Assistant coaches should be doing the vast majority of coaching. I still question how good he is at motivating guys. Too many times we see Sooner teams just come out flat and not ready to play and the gambit runs from meaningless games against Tech to very important BCS games.

    I don’t think firing Bob is the answer. Who would you get? Really? I do think he needs someone to challenge him. I think he has become a little “fat and happy” and content with winning Big 12 championships. I think his whole bravado at the start of the season was more of a way to try to motivate himself than anything. I still say that the only way is for big boosters to pressure Joe who then needs to put a little pressure Bob. The problem is, you put too much pressure and Bob will be looking for a way out. Too little pressure and we end up with a lot more 9 win seasons. The real challenge lays at the feet of Joe Castiglione and we will see just how amazing of an AD he really is.

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