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I have always had a passion for sports in all categories, maybe except hockey. Even recently, I've taken an interest in some soccer. I am a nerd for weird stats, news and the ever popular "where did he go to school" game. I just want to use this website with my cohort in crime to vent and let you know what we think about everything. I currently reside in Yukon, OK. Now, we would like to share our arrogance, ignorance and intelligence with you! Enjoy the Crimson Slate! We look forward to the feedback.

Strike the Pose?

As the season has progressed from the Cowboys, one thing has remained eerily quiet. Has Brandon Weeden established himself as the front runner for the coveted Heisman Trophy? I for one think it's really not even up for discussion. With the success he's lead his team to this season, and the near flawless statistics, one would think this would be a landslide. Will the voters give it to a 28 year old, ex-Yankees pitcher? I don't see why not. His numbers are crazy compared to about everyone in the country, except maybe Case Keenum, who I think is a comparison to Graham Harrell or Colt Brennan, a product of the system. Weeden hands the ball off and watches his plethora of backs score seemingly as much as he connects with Blackmon, whereas the previously mentioned QB's are a throwing system altogether.

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Weeden stats through 11/16/2011 (10 games)

313/428 – 3,635 yards – 31TD/9INT

Andrew Luck stats through 11/16/2011 (10 games)

221/313 – 2,695 yards – 29TD/7INT

You can make a case that Luck and the Stanford Cardinal have a run first offense, however, the stats speak for themselves. Luck has suffered a loss, Weeden hasn't. Bottom line. The stats are really similar, but Luck's interceptions strike me faster than Weeden's for the simple fact that Weeden has put the ball in the air nearly 100 times more this season. Two more picks in 100 pass attempts. That's pretty good odds that Luck will throw at least 4 more in the next 100 he throws.

In this day and age, stats have taken a back seat to wins and losses for the Heisman winner. Oklahoma State is 10-0. Stanford is 9-1. That stat alone, in years past has led to the winner. If I had a vote today, I'd vote: 1) Weeden 2) Luck 3) L.James (Oregon)

Rejoice would be in the air for another Heisman winner to walk the campus of Oklahoma State, but I'd be willing to bet they'd trade all this in for a hand on the crystal ball in January. Only time will tell and only one real game left until "Orange Power" travels south to play for it all.

Oklahoma State Cowboys – Season Review Through 11/02/2011

The Pesky Pokes. All they do is give up big yardages, lots of points, and numerous statistical death numbers on defense. No one ever mentions they lead the nation in takeaways. To me, that’s what the headlines should read as Oklahoma State is on the verge of becoming the number 2 ranked team in the country. Ol’ T-Boone is smiling ear to ear. All that hard work building the finest facilities in the land, by many, has landed OSU top-notch players and a top-notch program.

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OSU started out the year as a sleeper to win the Big XII, or is it the Big X, or the…whatever. You get my point. Now, they are the favorite to play for all the marbles in “Nawlins” in the BCS National Championship game. Far fetched? Not really. Sure, there are the so-called “trap games” on the schedule, but so far, not a breath of worry from Cowboy fans across the Great State of Oklahoma. The biggest test I thought would be at Missouri. Let’s go back to my first point. Takeaways won that game. Fumbles, costly interceptions, and inexperience from the Tigers made sure the trip back to Stillwater was a comfortable one as OSU rolled. There are a couple of more games on the schedule that would worry me ever so slightly. A let down this week to a pretty good Kansas State team, who got exposed mightily last week by OSU’s rival, Oklahoma would be my first. The next is a trip to Lubbock, which is never a fun place to play, especially at night. I still think OSU has all the goods to win big in both games, and I expect them to win by 14+ in both of those games. Let’s face facts for a moment. This isn’t the mid-2000’s OSU Cowboys. This is a team that’s on a mission. This is a team that isn’t going to let down. This is a team that’s ready. This is a team that’s tired of hearing about Oklahoma and Texas’ dominance in the Big XII. OSU is fired up and ready to roll.

Senior Quarterback Brandon Weeden has been the biggest influence on this team. He’s rallied this team, and more specifically, the offense, when Dana Holgorsen left to go coach West-by God-Virginia. He believed in what Todd Monken brought in. This offense is explosive. To me, more explosive than last year because so many players have stepped up outside Weeden and incumbent Biletnikoff Award winner, Justin Blackmon. The focus is still heavily on Blackmon, but because of that, many more players see the ball, like Michael Harrison, Josh Cooper and Hubert Anyiam, who is done for the year unfortunately after suffering a broken foot at Missouri.

On defense, look no further than safety Markelle Martin, the catalyst of the Nation’s top takeaway team. Martin is a beast and could probably start anywhere in the country. He’s big, fast and smart. Rarely do you see him take a bad angle or a play off. Shaun Lewis is the best linebacker on the team. Lewis is a ferocious hitter, aggressive to the ball, and not afraid to take a chance when the ball is in the air. Up front, Jamie Blatnick is the leader of the beasts. He’s always in on the tackle. He runs 100 miles per hour to the ball and may very well be the most underrated DE in the country, let alone, the Big XII.

We’ll blog more on the Pokes, but for now, I expect the Bedlam game to have more emphasis than any in the past, especially for OSU. Everyone remember 2002? OU title hopes rest on the Bedlam game. Eerily similarities this year as OU tries to play spoiler! I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but I feel OSU has a clear shot past the Crimson and Cream.